2018 Grand Officers

2018 The Country Kids Grand Family

2018 Grand Officers


Worthy Grand Matron - Ellen Knupp



Worthy Grand Patron - Charlie Young



Associate Grand Matron - Jean Koss



Associate Grand Patron - Bruce Thomas



Grand Secretary - Nancy Niday



Grand Treasurer - Beverly Smith



Grand Conductress - Polly Miller



Associate Grand Conductress - Cheryl Payne



Grand Chaplain - Irvin "Andy" Anderson



Grand Marshal - Jonnetta Theisen



Grand Organist - Janet Vincent



Grand Adah - Mary Fanning



Grand Ruth - Janice Wauson



Grand Esther - Virginia Armstrong



Grand Martha - Marjorie Frisbie



Grand Electa - Kay Werts



Grand Warder - Dulcie Ollendieck



Grand Sentinel  - John Phillips


2018 Special Information, Plans and Projects
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