Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership (ESTARL)

Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership (ESTARL) was established the General Grand Chapter October 1952. Iowa Grand Chapter adopted the program at its Grand Chapter meeting in 1953 and Iowa's first grants were given in 1954.

It is familiarly known as “ESTARL”, the first letter of each word of the formal title.

This grant program was established to encourage and assist those preparing for full time Christian service. Awards are made ONLY to students preparing for leadership in religious service, such as: minister, missionary, director of church music, church youth leadership, religious education and other types of full-time religious service.

The ESTARL fund is funded each year by voluntary gifts and memorials given by chapters and individual members across the state and from selected projects.  

Grand Chapter of Iowa, Order of the Eastern Star ESTARL application
ESTARL: Eastern Star Training Award for Religious Leadership




The applicant must have had at least three (3) years of post-secondary education with satisfactory scholastic standing in an accredited institution.

The official application form and financial statement must be properly filled out and returned to the President of the Educational Board shown below, no later than June 15th of the year in which the award is applied for.

The applicant must have at least (3) three character references with letters of recommendation are required. (One from a minister or church leader and one from an Eastern Star member or a Mason.) These are to be sent to the President of the Education Board no later than June 30th the year the award is requested.

An official transcript of college credits must be submitted to the Board by the end of the current school year. However, the applicant may send a student copy with their completed application, but must inform the college to send an official copy no later than June 30th to the name listed below, (President of the Educational Board) the year the award is requested.

The applicant must be a resident of Iowa. Attending school outside of the state does not negate residency. If the applicant was a resident of Iowa before attending school or her/his parents are Iowa residents, this constitutes residency.

The applicant need not be of Eastern Star member or a Mason.

Application form should be typewritten or printed neatly.


Complete the application form in full.

Request your transcripts be mailed. These should be mailed as soon as possible after completion of the last semester or quarter of the academic year. These must be received by June 30th of the year the award is requested to be considered at our July meeting. This is most important.

Contact the parties listed as references asking that they send letters of recommendation as soon as convenient, but before the June 15th deadline. Please designate which one is an Eastern Star or a Mason.

The application, transcripts, and any correspondence should be sent to:

Tammy Van Horsen-Post, President
Eastern Star Educational Board
808 15th Street
West Des Moines, IA 50265-3425

Since the grants will be sent directly to the applicant, it is of the utmost importance that the Board knows your summer address and phone number, in the event you need to be contacted. Especially if it is different from the address listed on the application. This is to be put at the bottom of the application form. The current address is under the applicant's name at the top. Considerable expense has been incurred because of extra postage, phone calls, and sending and receiving FAX Information before the deadline date. You can help eliminate this and it will be appreciated.

NOTE: The Order of the Eastern Star does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, or religious beliefs, in the administration of this scholarship program.

Awards are made only to students preparing for leadership in a field or fields of religious service, as that of a minister, missionary, director of church music, youth leadership, religious education, and other types of full-time Christian service.

The Educational Board of Iowa Grand Chapter meets in July to determine awards for the year. Your application and as much information relevant to it, must be received before the June 15th deadline date.

If you receive an award, you will be notified as soon as possible after our July meeting. The awards and checks will be mailed directly to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the board member listed above.